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Technical Terms Related To U Panel Products And Related InterpretationsJan 17, 2017

Material: the material can be used to make the purchase of USB products to print your logo and the information you need. The material can be saved many different file types, using a printing factory, the preferred type of.AI file (Adobe Illustrator) or EPS (Photoshop), CDR (CorelDRAW), PDF file type is ideal, must be a vector format, because they can provide the most clear printing effect.

Automatic operation: automatic operation function, so that the U disk in the computer USB interface insert, automatically run a set of program files. This is very useful, for example, you want to take this to their own users directly promote video, web pages, pictures and documents, etc.. Note - if you want the user to run "auto run" every time you use your U disk, the file can be turned off, but every time you wait for the auto run program to close, you can access their data!

Data encryption: it is a software that can be added to your U disk. It allows for any data encryption (encryption). This means that if you lose the U disk, others will have to open it without the password will not be able to access the encrypted data.

Data loading: if you have a file or data, you can load them in the manufacturing process to order the U disk. These data can be any of the most commonly used formats, such as: JPG, PPT, PDF, Excel, etc.. The loaded data can also be written to protect the user so that it cannot be removed.

U disk partition: create two virtual "U disk in U disk". It can only be carried out in the manufacturing process. A U disk partition can be read, can not be deleted (protection), and the other can be used to save and store data.

3D crystal engraving: a new form of LOGO printing, 3D printing technology will use internal logo logo carved into the crystal (non surface), but also can carve specific 3D models, such as cars, ships, portraits, 3D eagle logo is never fade, not forgotten.