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Why Does The U Disk Factory Have To Collect The Sample Fee?Jan 17, 2017

Mainly has the following several points:

(a) U disk factory is not retail, not small batch, so the cost of the sample is not retail, nor is it a small wholesale price, customers do not equate.

(two) U disk factory every day will receive a lot of customer consultation, many customers will want to sample, plus each customer's requirements are not the same, U disk is to customize the play a kind of take a lot of time, the need to spend a lot of energy to do, sometimes take a couple of days time.

(three) the sincerity of customer, if orders, are generally very cautious, to see the samples to meet the requirements of their own assured orders, because they hope U disk factory to spend more time and energy to do the best kind, do not care about the sample fee, only care about things to do the best.

(four) U disk sample fee will be returned to the customer in order, the actual sample fee is free, Meggie Department of Shenzhen Electronics Co., the confirmation of the order of the time will refund the sample fee, the actual customer or get free samples.