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U Disk File Expansion Become KillerJan 17, 2017

Perhaps the greatest harm is not using the 512G disk expansion of the money to buy the 512M disk, but that you don't know if you buy a U disc 512M, copied into the file over the actual capacity, and ultimately unable to open, resulting in the loss of important documents. When the file exceeds the actual space size shrink disc, seems to be able to copy the successful, actually copied to the shrink disk file is written to the shortcut form when the user to open the file, you will find not normal use.

Therefore, the expansion of disk files become "killer", but also lead to arch-criminal U disk file missing. According to Kingsoft data recovery function of statistics report shows: the monthly membership number of users find U disk files are missing more than tens of thousands. Which due to the use of expansion caused by the important data, U disk file is missing the proportion as high as 80%.